This is me

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 14th, 1976 to Humberto Antonio Vasconcellos Pereira de Souza and Angela Maia Pereira de Souza. I am the only child but I grew up very close to my cousins, whom I consider sisters.

Living abroad has always been my dream and English has always been my passion and the USA seemed to be the right option. Alas, it was simply too far a dream for me to reach as a teenager. A funny and yet long story that has yet to be written down in ink sends me in a very different direction and I ended up in 1998, at 22 years of age, in the Czech Republic.

I worked part-time as an English teacher at the Czech Technical University for about 4 years and at an internet cafe at Prague’s Municipal House to help with the budget. Eventually I got a job at the Brazilian Embassy first as a receptionist and then as part of the administrative staff, where I got to be the Ambassador’s assistant for a couple of months.

I then moved on to study Business Administration at ESMA, Escuela Superior de Marketing y Administración in Prague. The next step was to get a master’s degree in International Relations, which I did at VŠMVVP, Vysoká škola mezinárodních a veřejných vztahů Praha.

There’s more to say, just wait for it!